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Pastor Studio

Over the last few years, WordPress CMS has built a reputation as being one of the better Blogging platforms in the world. The popularity of WordPress CMS has seen new features constantly being added to the software. WordPress CMS is now a fully functioning CMS and works equally well for powering websites as well as blogs. In fact, WordPress CMS won the prestigious Open Source CMS of the Year award in 2009.

Did you know that well known companies like BestBuy, OnStar, Pepsi, Hulu, Fisher PriceĀ  Ford and Wall Street Magazine have chosen WordPress for their CMS solution?

Many prominent Universities and school organizations utilize Worpdress for community outreach programs and student publications.

PastorStudio will professionally configure, install, and design your WordPress or Joomla Website and show you how to use it.

By using an Open Source CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, you can take control of your own website and reduce costs at the same time. Whether you use WordPress or Joomla, our friendly staff can guide you through the process to ensure you achieve success online.

Because there are unlimited number of design out there, our Websites are created under your inspiration. Let us know which website you like it and we will take your inspiration and theirs to make something special for you.



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