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Any website needs:

  1. Domain: represents both the web address of your website and the name your site visitors will use to refer to your website.  It costs about $ 15 a year.
  2. Web hosting is a service which allocates space for customers to showcase their websites on computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7. Prices for Web hosting vary from free to hundreds of dollars a year, depending on your needs. Web hosting for personal websites that don’t require any special tools and have low traffic (not a high number of viewings) can be found easily for free.
  3. Web design is the process of planning and creating a website. Text, images, digital media and interactive elements are used by web designers to produce the page seen on the web browser. Web designers utilize markup language, most notably HTML for structure and CSS for presentation as well as JavaScript to add interactivity to develop pages that can be read by web browsers.

We will get all of them depending on your particular needs.

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